What Is A COVID Safe Wedding?

I have other questions about covid compliance that aren’t on this page – where can I find further information?


Your Melbourne Wedding Venue will offer some solid guidance around the conditions of what can and cannot take place. (e.g., dancing, masks, conditions for children, contact tracing etc). Wedding venues who are listed on our Covid Safe Weddings website have demonstrated that they have a good understanding of compliance conditions. All onsite Melbourne Wedding Professionals will be guided by the venue’s Covid Safe Plan, and you can be confident that they are doing everything possible to abide by the guidelines or they may risk being fined.


We always recommend sourcing information directly from Victorian Government resources such as the links below. Please keep in mind that information changes very quickly and there may be several avenues that you will need to research, depending on the type of event that you are hosting/conducting.


It is important to note that both Metro and Regional areas have varying advice.  The Victorian Coronavirus website can take 2-3 days for information to be updated.


An environment in which a wedding celebration takes place in conjunction with Government Health Directives.  A collaborative effort where all parties (hosts, guests and working professionals) have actively contributed to the health and wellbeing of their wedding day community.

The short answer: For the purpose of contact tracing.


As of the 1st of July 2021, all registered Victorian businesses were advised to register and apply for a QR Code.  Visitors are now required to register when checking in, just as they do with restaurants and supermarkets. 


If you are the primary/sole business operating on the day (e.g., conducting a legals-only ceremony, hire company) your clients will be required to check in at your place of business or wherever that business transaction takes place. Your business QR code will also provide ease of access to the contact tracing team.

Helpful information:

Displaying your QR Code, Covid Check-in Marshals, Assistance in other languages.


For your convenience, it is our aim to enlist all Victorian Covid Safe Wedding Professionals on this site. However, listings are purely optional. If you wish to verify the status of your supplier or venue, we recommend that you discuss this with them directly.


Most Melbourne wedding venues have their own supplier recommendations. It is our hope that all Melbourne wedding suppliers will to return to work with a comprehensive Covid Safe plan. For various reasons however, there may be exceptions. Please discuss your concerns with your venue manager or event coordinator.

The Covid Safe Weddings website is designed to promote and support suppliers who undertake (and can undertake) all possible covid safe precautions.  We do not take a stance on anything to the contrary. We recommend that you discuss this directly with your chosen wedding professional.  Please be kind and approach the subject respectfully.

Wedding professionals who choose to list on the Covid Safe Weddings portal will be provided with a distinctive Covid Safe Weddings logo. This is easily identifiable on their social media platforms, website or marketing material. If you are unsure of their status, you can discuss their Covid Safe Wedding Plan with your chosen venue or supplier.

Forward planning can be very frustrating, particularly during our current conditions. We recommend that you outline the framework of your event but always await current advice before moving forth with solid plans.


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